I would like you to meet our Newfoundland, Lexington (Lexi). Lexi was born July 29, 2002. She is our family’s 4th Newfoundland. We just love the breed and even though we know of the common ailments that Newfies have, we still always have had one. In September 2015 while Lexi was being groomed, the groomer noticed that she wash bleeding everywhere. It started by her foot getting knicked with the clippers and he could not control the bleeding. Then the groomer saw that her skin, her mouth, eyes and ears all had traces of blood. We immediately took her to the vet where he did a variety of tests. His diagnosis was that she had become a hemophiliac. Her blood platelet count was 2 and the normal range is 250 – 300. His treatment plan was to put her on Doxycycline, Amoxicillin and heavy doses of Prednisone. His prognosis was, “keep her comfortable, enjoy the next couple of months, but be aware that she will deteriorate quickly because of the prednisone. He told us NOT to walk Lexi anymore, because should she cut herself on something, she would bleed out and die. Besides, she was already 13 years old and that is a LONG life for a Newfoundland. That was a sad day for the Cooper Family. A couple of days later, my daughter’s friend was over and we told her about our Lexi and what was happening. She told us about her mom’s dog food, “K9 Ancestral Diet”. I called Patty, and she asked to look at Lexi’s blood work and the vet’s report and recommendations, etc. Her first suggestion was to NOT give Lexi ANY of the medication that was prescribed for her and continue her walks. She brought over 1 gallon of goat’s milk, 1 gallon of bison’s bone marrow and her dog food , “K9 Ancestral Diet”, which was frozen raw bison meat and other ingredients. She explained how to store and feed Lexi the food. The bone marrow and goat’s milk were specifically to help get her bleeding under control. The bone marrow and goat’s milk was a three day regiment and the food was 1 patty three times a day. After ONE week, there was no trace of blood anywhere on her skin, in her mouth, eye, or ears. We had her blood drawn and tested again after 14 days of feeding her Patty’s Patties and her blood platelet count was 288. OH WHAT A JOY!! It has been 1 year and 6 months since Lexi has been LOVING K9 Ancestral Diet. She will 15 years old this July and will still get a “pep in her step” to chase a deer. It may only be for 15-20 steps, but it warms or hearts every time. She still enjoys our walks two times a day and is quite a healthy “old lady”. Since September 2015, I attribute every day of Lexi’s healthy happy life to K9 Ancestral Diet. Every ingredient that is in these patties are essential and beneficial to EVERY dog’s health! Thank you K9 Ancestral Diet  for saving Lexi’s life! Blessings, Julia C.
On the advise of an Acupuncture Veterinarian I found in Phoenix “feed your dog the food they (dogs) are borne to eat RAW”. I found K9 Ancestral Diet . My dog physically seems like an 8 year old. He still can’t see or hear. I don’t believe that will change, hope it might get better. His bad breath is gone. He is 15 years old and one of the best beings I know. I only wish I had found about raw food sooner, but who knew. I can assure you that Cody will eat raw food as healthy as I can provide for him and continue with is acupuncture. Thank You!- Michael
K9 Ancestral Diet is the best! Our pup, Dolby, is trained to work with our son, Nicolas, who has a brain-based disability. He is Nic’s best buddy and lifeline to the world, so we want him happy, healthy and around for a looonggg time. Plus he’s an all around sweetie. So, when we were introduced to K9 Ancestral Diet, it was a Godsend. Dolby loves them, and we like knowing he’s getting quality, all-natural ingredients, nothing processed or artificial. Now my sister and two of her friends use K9 Ancestral Diet as well. We’re pretty picky, and couldn’t be happier with K9 Ancestral Diet! -D. Barber