August 29, 2017

Starting a Raw Dog Diet

When dog owners begin down the journey of transitioning their dog’s diet from processed kibbles to raw food, it can be a little overwhelming.  How should I transition them?  How much raw food is enough?  Is the raw dog diet healthier?   Luckily, there are a lot of excellent resources out on the internet to help you as a pet owner begin to wade into the raw dog diet world.

As with any new diet, it’s best to ease into it – as suddenly changing your dog’s food can upset their digestion and lead to some nasty surprises.  It may be best to start your pet’s raw dog diet by slowly introducing raw foods in along side their normal food, and slowly changing the percentages of each over time.   In fact, a lot of people that feed raw don’t do so on a full time basis, but rather use raw meats as a supplement in their dog’s feeding schedule to give them a little bit of extra nutrition and energy.  This is a good way to start if you’ve been considering feeding your pet a raw dog diet.

Another factor you’ll want to consider is where the raw food is being processed and created.  Here at K9 Ancestral Diet, our raw dog diet recipes are created in a USDA inspected food plant, which helps us to ensure the highest standards of quality are used in the creation of our raw beef, bison and lamb foods.  We then flash freeze the food to keep it in it’s most nutritious state.    Our raw dog diet formula contains no preservatives or grains, and we’ve found that our foods are highly digestible.

If you’re curious for more information on a raw dog diet, we encourage you to search out for blogs that have great information.  Here are a few below:

We hope to help you as a pet owner by supplying you with awesome healthy foods for your dog – so please, check us out as well!   Happy feeding!