August 25, 2017 raw protein for your dog

Raw Protein for Dogs

Protein.  The magic word!  We all know protein is important for our own human diets, but what about our dogs?  Raw Protein for dogs is one of the most critical macro nutrients for a dog’s diet.  Unfortunately with the majority of brand name, highly processed dog foods, the protein content of the food is a bit tarnished, and not up to the levels that your dog requires to truly be healthy.

While dogs are technically classified as omnivores, unlike their feline friends,  they still require high quality animal protein as a main component of their diets.  The richest  raw protein comes from animal organ meats ( such as kidneys, heart, & liver)  but how many of the commercially available dog foods have these kind of meats?

That’s why K9 Ancestral Diet has developed our products, in order to provide a diet rich in protein for dogs.  Here’s a nutritional breakdown of our best selling beef raw protein recipe:


  • The primary meat protein is approximately         36%
  • Heart                                                                                     18%
  • Potatoes                                                                              18%
  • Liver                                                                                       7.2%
  • Applesauce                                                                         5.4%
  • Spinach                                                                                 4.1%
  • Mixed berries                                                                      36%

 Guaranteed Analysis (beef recipe):

  • Crude Protein (minimum)…..11.5%
  • Crude Fat (minimum)………… 6.9%
  • Crude Fiber (maximum)……….1.7%
  • Moisture (maximum)………….73.3%

As you can see above, the protein content sits just above 30% which provides your dog with abundant, high quality proteins which help give them energy,  repair muscle tissue, and keep their coat shiny and healthy.    A good amount of the protein in our patties is derived from the valuable organ meats of the heart and liver, which are packed with energy for your four legged friend.  So, if you’re looking to supplement protein for dogs in addition to their regular diet, give our raw dog food a try!  Your dog will love the taste, and he’ll love you for providing him with these nutritious, delicious raw treats!

It’s our goal to help you help your dog be the healthiest dog he can be!