August 25, 2017 k9 ancestral diet raw natural dog food

Raw Natural Dog Food

Most people that own dogs generally care for their dog’s well-being and want their furry son or daughter to be healthy,  however sometimes pet owners make the mistake of feeding their pet what is convenient to the owner rather than what the healthiest choices for the animal. Sure, it’s very easy to go down to Walmart or a big box store and pick up a giant bag of kibble and use that as the main source of food for your dog. However, is that really what the dog’s diet is supposed to look like?  Dogs have been domesticated for over 14,000 years according to the best archaeological evidence available (with some disputed evidence showing domestication as far back as 36,000 years. Back in prehistoric times you can be sure that the dogs were not being fed processed grain-based kibble as the main part of their diets.

Instead, the ancestral dog’s diet was very likely composed of raw meat  and offal (organ meats) that came from Human hunting kills, as long as well as anything that the dog could scavenge  or hunt itself. Domestic dogs do so show some ability to digest starches and carbohydrates, but they were really never designed to eat gain based foods. After all, dogs are carnivores, so naturally their diet must be composed of mostly high protein foods such as raw meat .  That’s why we have developed our raw natural dog food.

Unfortunately for a lot of dogs in modern society they rarely are given rare meat and instead subsist on industrially mass-produced cream-based kibbles and hard foods. This is why at K9 Ancestral Diet,  we are passionate about supplying your dog with the best raw natural dog food available. We had seen many of our customers dogs alleviate health problems and become more energetic after they have been using our food. It is vital for your dog to get all the nutrients that raw natural dog food has to provide, and K9 Ancestral Diet is an excellent source of supplementation in their diets.