K9 Ancestral Diet acquired Patty’s Patties in 2015. Utilizing the product foundation we have since then consulted with a certified nutritionist,  as well as a veterinarian to create a more complete balanced product for your best friend.

We are a Colorado Proud family owned company that loves our dogs. It is through that passion that we keep our loyal customers at heart when developing premium raw dog food. Our premium natural bison, beef, and lamb raw dog food is formulated from only the finest ingredients  and is manufactured in a local USDA  inspected facility to ensure top quality products for  your four legged best friend.

Sam’s Story…

From Patty

Have you ever experienced the unconditional love of a dog? 13 years ago a black lab named Sam changed my life forever.  After my beloved friend developed cancer 5 years ago I created a dog food with the intention of prolonging the quality of Sam’s life.  After all I wanted to love this dog a little bit longer; I believe that every dog deserves every day of his seven years, each year.

Sam was a rescue dog that I got in Phoenix (he was three then), just before moving to Colorado 12 years ago. In the summer of 2007, it was a beautiful day and I was playing catch with Sam, something he loved to do. During one of the many retrieval’s he brought the ball back to me covered in blood. After a visit to the vet we were told that he had many cancerous tumors all over his body. He was given 6 months to live; I wasn’t prepared to lose this dog. He had been my rock throughout my life’s saddest and happiest events, we had been through a lot together.  It was up to me to do whatever I could do for him, since he had done so much for me.  While sharing Sam’s plight with my anatomy and physiology professor, we discussed a diet that would combat continued growth of the tumors at a cellular level. After months of research I discovered a raw dog food diet and the health benefits associated with it. A combination of natural antioxidants, raw meat and an amino acid called serine (a anti-aging enzyme that naturally occurs in raw meat) could be the answer. In my research I had also discovered that a RAW diet had proven results in retarding tumors in laboratory dogs.

I headed to the kitchen, a little of this and a little of that along with sound nutritional advice from many experts in the field, we began feeding Sam a diet of this raw dog food.  Fast forward 6 months Sam’s energy began to increase daily; the tumors in the bilateral auxiliary were gone.  His eyes even seemed to twinkle again and was still alive defying all of the doctor’s predictions.  Word began to spread to friends and neighbors wanting me to make dog food for their beloved family members, next thing you know I was in the Dog Food business.  I had to go through all the proper steps to satisfy the Department of Agriculture and I wanted to make sure it was the safest and most natural product available.  I contacted many local vendors and experts for raw, organic and natural products and ingredients, consulted with pet nutritionists and veterinarians as to the best ingredients and sound nutritional advice, and thus was born Patty’s Patties LTD.  I make dog food for people who love their dogs as much as I do. My mission is to help people and dogs with an affordable diet that promotes health and longevity.

Update, we lost Sam in March of 2012, he lived to be 17 and passed away due to old age. He was chasing balls up to the day he went to be with his maker.  We miss him everyday and we can still see him telling us it is time for Patty’s Patties!  We will continue to use his image as a reminder of why we make food the way we do. We like to say the company is “for the love of Sam”



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