September 29, 2017 raw dog food

Should you feed raw dog food?

There seems to be a lot of debate in the pet world about what constitutes the best diet.   Some people prefer the convenience of feeding their dog dry kibble, and others will turn to commercial wet foods.  The raw feeding movement, however, has gathered momentum in recent years – and that’s because people want to be able to feed their dog based on what the dog’s ancestors likely ate in the course of their evolution.

So, what’s a good raw dog food choice then?  We at K9 Ancestral diet have formulated a raw dog food that your pets will find delicious, all while giving them vital protein and micro nutrients.

Our raw dog food comes in three different varieties, based on scrumptious meats that your dog will love!  We have a beef, bison and lamb recipe that was forumulated with the teamwork of veterinarians.    Our head veterinarian, Dr. Pamela Dragos, had this to say:

In my holistic veterinary practice, a species appropriate diet is a key component in the treatment of all my patients.  A healthy raw meat-based diet is critical for optimal health and the prevention and reveersal of chronic diseases in dogs.  The K9 Ancestral Diet is an excellent, high quality raw diet with healthy natural, human grade ingredients.  It’s fresh frozen and unprocessed.  Dogs love it!

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Dr. Dragos is a holistic veterinarian and IVAS Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist. Dr. Dragos has been a licensed veterinarian for over 25 years. Her practice, Veterinary Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine, is located in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.

So, if you’ve been considering feeding raw dog food, check out our K9 Ancestral Diet product line.


  • Crude protein (minimum) – 15.9%
  • Crude fat (minimum) – 9.1%
  • Crude fiber (maximum) – 2.1%
  • Moisture (maximum) – 72%


Keep refrigerated or frozen.  Thaw in refrigerator, do not cook or microwave.  This is a raw meat product, keep this and other raw meats and poultry separate from other foods.  Wash working surfaces (including cutting boards) utensils, and hands after touching raw meat or poultry.

K9 Ancestral Diet Recipe (meat identified above) is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Adult Maintenance


Feed one 2 ounce portion per 12.5 lbs of body weight two times per day.