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At K9 Ancestral Diet’s core we are a small family owned company that loves our pets.  We decided that the other commercially available dog foods were not good enough. We consulted with the best animal nutritionist, AAFCO recommendations, and Veterinarians to deliver the best nutritionally balanced diet for our best friends. Our food is human grade and processed in a USDA inspected food plant to insure the best handling during the processing of our food.


Nutritionally balanced to AAFCO standards ♦ Processed in a USDA inspected plant ♦ Use only the best quality ingredients ♦ Product is fresh frozen and RAW ♦Family owned small company  ♦ Dogs love eating our food ♦ Veterinarian Formulated ♦ Mimics Ancestral Diet ♦ No preservatives ♦ Highly digestible ♦ No Grains ♦ No Fillers

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K9 Ancestral Diet proudly announces an endorsement from Dr. Pamela Dragos, DVM, CVA!

Dr. Dragos is a holistic veterinarian and IVAS Certified Veterinary Acupuncturist.  Dr. Dragos has been a licensed veterinarian for over 25 years. Her practice, Veterinary Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine, is located in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona.

You can visit Dr. Dragos’ website here: http://www.dragosveterinaryacupuncture.com/

K9 Ancestral Diet proudly announces a partnership with Racing for Paws.

Racing for Paws is a non-profit that supports animal rescues, shelters, and humane societies by assisting with financial and care needs.

For more information visit: https://www.racingforpaws.net/