At K9 Ancestral Diet’s core we are a Colorado Proud family owned company that loves our dogs. It is through that passion that we decided that the other commercially available dog foods were not good enough. We consulted with the best animal nutritionist, AAFCO recommendations, and Veterinarians to deliver the best nutritionally balanced diet for our best friends. We keep our loyal customers at heart when developing premium raw dog food. Our premium natural bison, beef, and lamb raw dog food is formulated from only the finest ingredients and is manufactured in a local USDA  inspected facility to ensure top quality raw dog food for  your four legged best friend.


K9 Ancestral Diet’s Mission:

At K9 Ancestral Diet our mission is to produce the best nutritionally balanced diet for your your best friend, enabling them to live a long, healthy and happy life


K9 Ancestral Diet is Colorado Proud



Nutritionally balanced to AAFCO standards ♦ Processed in a USDA inspected plant ♦ Use only the best quality ingredients ♦ Product is fresh frozen and RAW ♦Family owned small company  ♦ Dog’s love eating our food ♦ Veterinarian Formulated ♦ Mimics Ancestral Diet ♦ No preservatives ♦ Highly digestible ♦ No Grains ♦ No Fillers

Quality Assurance:

We always follow Colorado health department standards in the processing of our products. We take great caution to not mix other ingredients in before optimum temperatures are achieved.  All ingredients are mixed to exact specifications and are quality tested each batch.  It may take a little longer to produce but we make each batch by hand and insure the best quality and consistency possible.

In short, you can be assured of the finest ingredients on the market, mixed to perfection and to a quality second to none.  We feed the same mix to our dogs and would never compromise quality to price or quantity.  Our goal is to provide AFFORDABLE raw dog food to millions of furry friends out there, so that you can enjoy them longer knowing that you are feeding the finest feed available at an affordable price. Every dog deserves every day of his seven years.